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About Atlantic Financial Brokerage

Atlantic Financial Brokerage, a Division of Atlantic Financial Group, Inc. is a full service provider of financial services and risk management for businesses, professional groups, individuals and brokers.

Our risk management team, with over 30 years experience, offers a complete spectrum of commercial, business and personal insurance.  From individuals to large corporations, small closely held businesses, or public and non-profit organizations, Atlantic Financial Group's experienced brokers and agents are uniquely qualified to deliver an unprecedented level of service and value to their clients.

Our relationships in the Standard Markets, Surplus Markets, and Lloyd's Markets make us the firm of choice for a wide variety of commercial, business and individual clients across the Southeast.  Contact us to learn more about the variety of financial services we offer.

Atlantic Financial Brokerage works with brokers and agents to help find opportunities for their clients and deliver solutions that protect their future.

Whether you need income Now or Later...

We focus on Tax Deductible, Tax Deferred and Tax Free Retirement Income Stategies

During the past decade, the dramatic cycle of ups and downs in the financial world have left many of us wondering about the future.  Most common question has been "What are the best options for helping to growing my assets and generating enough income to last a life time?"

Your Retirement Income needs may be entirely different than those of your friends and family members.  Your financial risk tolerance is probably different, too.  There is no "one-size-fits-all strategy" to meet everyone's financial objective - especialy when it comes to Retirement Income.

Your challenge is clear:

  • - Accumulate enough assests to last 20-30 years in retirement
  • - Combat inflation, health care cost and market volatility
  • - Compensate for the uncertainty of Social Security and corporate pensions
  • - Turn your assets into a stream of income that will last for life

Supporting a 20-30 year retirement in the face of inflation, rising health care costs and fewer souce of income requires a substantial investment.  But, accumulating assets for retirement is more than just saving money from each paycheck.  It also means investing that money so that it has the chance to grow and to find a way to turn those assets into a steady stream of income that won't run out.

While investing for the long-term provides the greatest potential, fear of losing money may tempt you to make buy and sell decisions at the wrong time.  This is a costly trap that too many fall into.

The Retirement Income Strategy

Picking a retirement date gives a whole new meaning to the term "market timing."  If you are nearing retirement, you no longer have the time to make up any lost ground due to market volatility.  Also, you may withdraw assets, which will compound the effects of market losses early in retirement.

For helping to create a retirement income strategy, you must look to investment products that help offer protection against loss of assets or income.  You should carefully consider how to allocate investments within your portfolio.  Most importantly, you should create a holistic approach to help you manage your portfolio to create a stream of income by focusing on facts not assumptions, hypothetical, projections or averages.  Most of the plans in the past and even today are based on assumptions of interest rate or growth averages.

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Understanding your business and personal needs in
terms of risk and exposure is our focus.
Translating them into cost effective solutions is our goal.


Neither Atlantic Financial Group, Inc. or Atlantic Financial Brokerage offer tax or legal advice.  Please contact your tax or legal professional concerning your specific situation.


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